I’m a person who wears many hats because I like a lot of challenges. I live with my family on a farm in rural northern Vermont, where we raise organic apples and beef cows and lots of veggies in the garden. When I'm not writing historical novels I work half time as a vegetable breeder, mainly with squash, tomatoes, and peppers. Which is another way of saying I use a doctorate in plant genetics to try to get more kids to eat their vegetables.

This blog arose because I especially value book recommendations from friends--and I can never get enough of them. As I read voraciously, cramming in reading time at either end of the day such that I generally finish at least a book a week, I hope it proves useful to share my thoughts on ones I think others might enjoy.

I'm open to networking with other authors to host guest posts and giveaways. I'm also happy to be given suggestions of books I might like, but I'm not planning to accept review copies anytime soon.

write to me at jodi [at] jodilewsmith.com